Dizzy Pig BBQ Cowlick Beef Rub

Dizzy Pig BBQ began selling their all natural, hand blended spice rubs six years ago. They currently have eleven unique blends ranging from convential all purpose BBQ rubs to exotic combinations with Asian and Caribbean inspired spices. Dizzy Pig BBQ spices are used by competition BBQ teams and restaurants, but are also available for retail sale to the public.

Dizzy Pig sent samples of all eleven varities for review. The first product that I tested was the Cow Lick Steak seasoning. I first used this peppery blend on grilled beef tenderloin. The spicy rub added a nice kick to a cut of beef that can always use a flavor boost. Everyone who tried the Cow Lick rub on their steaks really enjoyed it.

I used the remainder of the sample on some marinated shoulder steaks. The added heat was a welcome addition to the relatively low quality cut. Cow Lick is not a sweet spice rub. In fact, it contains no sugar. Instead, Cow Lick compliments the savory flavor of beef with and earthy pepper blend. It also has a lower salt content than many spice rubs so that the beef flavor is not over powered by the salt.

For those that like a bit of heat to accent their steaks, Dizzy Pig BBQ's Cow Lick Steak seasoning is a fair choice. Though, the rub was only a minor enhancement to the beef's flavor, the added spice was a plus. To learn more about all eleven Dizzy Pig BBQ rubs, click the title of this review. See how they rate on the "Product Reviews" page.

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