Denny Mike's Cow Bell Hell

Denny Mike's strikes again. This weekend, I used yet another quality product from the Denny Mike's lineup, Cow Bell Hell. This spicey red meat rub is recommended for beef, sausage and wild game. I used it to give my brisket a little extra flavor boost.

Cow Bell Hell turned out to be a perfect choice for brisket. It's a savory blend that brings to mind the earthy flavors of Texas BBQ. The rub contains no sugar and therefore, no sweetness. The primary ingredients of paprika, garlic and salt are meshed with several unnamed "spices" for perfectly balanced blend.

Though Cow Bell Hell is a savory rub, the salt content isn't all that high (in comparsion with many other rubs).  The heat level isn't extreme either. It's just enough spice to makes your lips tingle. However, on the large brisket, the heat really wasn't a factor.

Denny Mike's Cow Bell Hell is exactly the type of blend that I like to use on large cuts of beef. I can also see it being quite good on wild game as the label suggests. If you're looking for something to spice up a roast, brisket, beef ribs, burgers or meatloaf, consider Cow Bell Hell.

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