Denny Mike's Hot 'n Nasty

Despite living in New England, Denny Mike's BBQ beginnings can be traced directly to Texas. His bio states the belief that Texas BBQ is the standard by which all other BBQ is measured. His Sweet 'n Spicey sauce may be his original sauce, but Hot 'n Nasty is definitely more representative of the Texas BBQ roots that he proclaims.

Hot 'n Nasty is bold, earthy and definitely hot. Though it won't scorch your mouth, it has enough raw heat to be an adults only condiment. There is no doubt that this sauce would be a hit in Texas. Hot 'n Nasty combines the heat of jalapenos, habenaros and cayenne to produce it's lip tingling taste.

Keeping with the Texas theme, I had to use Hot 'n Nasty on beef. I slow smoked beef back ribs with mesquite wood and charcoal. I brushed the ribs with several coats of Hot 'n Nasty as they finished. The flavors of Hot 'n Nasty were tailor made for beef.

I used the remainder of the bottle on smoked chicken. Rather than glazing the bird, I pulled the meat from the bone after smoking it. I then used the thin Hot 'n Nasty sauce as a dip for the smokey poultry.

Hot 'n Nasty is another quality sauce from Denny Mike's. It contains quality, all natural ingredients and is produced in small batches. Much like the Sweet 'n Spicy sauce, my wife loved this smokey Texas blend. Denny Mike's is quickly becoming a brand of choice in our household.

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