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Stage Coach Sauces (Palatka, FL) was the very first company to respond to The "Q" Review's Great Email Campaign. Stage Coach generously sent bottles of all four of their sauces to be reviewed. A little online research revealed that Stage Coach has a history of generosity. A portion of the proceeds from every bottle sold is donated in support of breast cancer awareness. 

Another area of pride for Stage Coach Sauces is their commitment to quality natural products. All four of their sauces are corn syrup, MSG and preservative free. They are sweetened with natural ingredients like brown sugar, molasses and citrus.

Since Stage Coach was so quick to respond to The "Q" Review's request, I decided to feature their Bona fide Barbecue sauce on the ribs at our annual summer BBQ. I used every last drop of the 16 oz. bottle to glaze six racks of ribs. The thickness of the Stage Coach sauce was perfect for brushing on ribs. It's thinner than a Sweet Baby Ray's, but thick enough to stay on the meat.
Bona fide Barbecue sauce's flavor was nothing like I had anticipated. I read a review from and completely agree with their take. The Stage Coach name and logo create expectations of smokey Western flavors. In reality, the flavor is sweet with a mild citrus vinegar zing.

Our BBQ had a mix of Yankees and Southerners. The Stage Coach sauce seemed to suit the palate of just about everyone. The flavors are mild and appealing, making it a great sauce to serve to a large group with potential finicky eaters. Though you may detect a hint of spice, Bona fide Barbecue sauce is also kid friendly.

Stage Coach Sauces' Bona fide Barbecue sauce turned out to be a good choice for this weekend's ribs. I only wish I would have had some leftover to try on different meats. On the bright side, I still have three other Stage Coach Sauces to sample and review. I've already been brainstorming how I want to put their Carolina BBQ, Red Ruby Garlic and Steak Sauce to use.

To learn more about Stage Coach Sauces, click the title of this blog. You can also check out Bonafide Barbecue's rating and see how it compares to other sauces on the "Product Reviews" page.

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