Big Dave's Honey Chipotle BBQ Sauce

Big Dave's (Holtwood, PA) is a small operation founded in 2009. After first preparing sauces for a local restaurant, Dave decided to bottle and sell his Honey Chipotle BBQ sauce and his Peach N Pepper Jam to the public. This year, Big Daves' introduced two more products: Strawberry Jalapeno Jam and Wild Fire Sauce.

Big Dave's was quick to respond to my email invitation and sent a bottle of both the Honey Chipotle BBQ Sauce and his newly introduced Wild Fire Sauce. I was particularly looking forward to the Honey Chipotle BBQ sauce. Honey and chipotle are both flavors that are near and dear to my heart. They are a common flavor combination in the world of BBQ because the sweetness of the honey balances the smokey spice of the chipotle peppers so nicely.

Though many companies feature honey chipotle products, I've never had a sauce that blends the flavors better than Big Dave's. The initial flavor is sweet, but never too sweet. The honey is never allowed to dominate. Likewise, the following chipotle spice adds just enough contrast without being overbearing. The flavors are bold enough to stand up to any meat or spice rub, but just tame enough not to over power them or scare off any potential tasters.

I gave Big Dave's Honey Chipotle sauce a thorough test (mostly because I enjoyed it so much). I tried it on ribs (both beef and pork), pulled pork and smoked chicken. It was also used in tandem with a variety of spice rubs. Each time, the sauce was exceptional. The medium thickness (similar to Bone Suckin) made the sauce versatile enough for just about any application and the flavor was good enough that I wanted to use it for every occasion.

I've been fortunate enough to sample several quality sauces over the last several weeks, but Big Dave's stands alone thus far. For my personal taste, Big Dave's hits all the right notes. It also drew rave reviews from my co-workers. The only negative I can see about Big Dave's is their relative lack of availability. I've been unable to find an online retailer that sells Big Dave's sauce. I hope that changes soon. Katie is an understanding woman, but driving all the way to PA to buy BBQ sauce may be where she draws the line.

I emplore you to seek out Big Dave's on Facebook. Ask where you can find their Honey Chipotle BBQ sauce and tell them that The "Q" Review sent you. In case you haven't figured it out already, you check out my rating for this product on the "Product Reviews" page.

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