Butcher BBQ Texas Style Rub

Butcher BBQ products are made and used by people who really know BBQ. The folks at Butcher BBQ have decades of experience that includes running meat markets, custom processing and several years on the competition circuit. They've developed products specifically formulated for their own competition use and have gained a reputation for quality. Their rubs, sauce and injections are now used by competition teams all over the country.

Texas Style Rub is the third Butcher BBQ seasoning blend to be tested by The "Q" Review. Honey Rub and Premium BBQ Rub both earned solid reviews last fall. Like the other rubs, Texas Style is available in 12 oz. plastic shakers or 5 lb bulk bags. I love that the rub is packaged in extra large containers. One 12 oz shaker goes a long way.

Rather than the traditional salt, pepper and garlic base used by 90% of beef rubs, Butcher BBQ actually starts with sugar. It's a fairly novel concept, (especially considering they call the rub "Texas Style") but I love what it does for beef. Of course, the rub also features the big three along with onion and lemon powder.

The rub smells primarily of pepper and garlic, but the flavor is much smoother. The pepper is detectable, but not dominant. Despite the sugar, it's not an super sweet rub (like Honey Rub) either. The flavors are equally sweet and savory and generally pretty mild. The seasoning definitely acts in a supporting role with the meat rather than taking the lead.

I've used Texas Style Rub numerous times on burgers, steaks and meatloaf. Any beef that I've cooked over the last 3-4 weeks has gotten a healthy dose of Butcher BBQ's Texas Style Rub. The blend is especially good on burgers. Both sides of each patty get seasoned liberally before hitting the grill. The sugars caramelize just enough over the hot flame, but I haven't had any issues with charring. Unfortunately, I haven't had the opportunity to test the rub on a brisket yet, but it's not difficult to see that Texas Style Rub would be exceptional on that particular cut.

Butcher BBQ's Texas Style Rub is an exceptional product for complimenting grilled or smoked beef. The extra sugar also makes the rub quite versatile. In addition to beef, I would recommend Texas Style Rub for wild game and chicken as well.

To learn more about Texas Style Rub and Butcher BBQ's other competition products, check out their website. See how this rub rates on our "Product Reviews" page.

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