Meyer's Original BBQ Sauce

The Meyer family has been smoking German style sausages in the heart of Texas since the turn of the 20th Century. What started as a small Elgin sausage business has grown into full fledged BBQ outfit the Meyers call "Cue-topia". "Cue-topia", AKA Meyer's Elgin Smokehouse, includes a restaurant, meat market, processing plant, and mail order BBQ business.

To compliment their famous smoked meats, the Meyer family also developed their own line of sauces and seasonings. The Meyer family was kind enough to send some samples of their sauces and rubs my way. The first product I had a chance to use was their Original BBQ Sauce.

Meyer's Original Barbecue Sauce is packaged in hefty 19 oz. glass bottles. The bottles feature a basic yellow label with the Meyer's Elgin Smokehouse logo (above). The sauce is dark orange and has a smooth, medium thickness.

The sauce has a ketchup base and is accented with vinegar. The sauce's flavor is pretty mild. There is a bit of vinegar and pepper tang in the finish. In the tradition of Texas sauces, Meyer's Original isn't a sweet sauce. I would characterize it as a more mild and palatable version of Stubb's.

I used Meyer's Original Barbecue Sauce on smoked ribs and pulled pork. The sauce brushed smoothly on the ribs giving them a bright, orange shine. When warmed, the sauce lost most of it's tang and even picked up a bit of sweetness. The sauce also matched nicely with the smokey pulled pork.

Meyer's Original Barbecue Sauce is a solid option for people who prefer mild flavors, but don't like super sweet sauces. It works equally well as a finishing sauce or dip and compliments a variety of meats. Learn more about Meyer's Original and the entire Meyer's Elgin Smokehouse line on their website. See how Meyer's Original BBQ Sauce rates on our "Product Reviews" page.

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