Lou's Famous Natural Sausages (Wellshire Farms)

Lou's Famous is part of the Wellshire Farms family of products. Wellshire Farms was started in 1996 by Louis B. Colameco with a focus on producing all natural, minimally processed meats. Wellshire has partnered with natural poultry and livestock farmers to produce an extensive line of wholesome cured meats, deli meats and even BBQ. From the farm to your table, Wellshire ensures a commitment to quality through an independent, third party auditor. No artificial fillers or preservatives will ever find their way into Wellshire Farms' meat products.

Wellshire Farms was kind enough to provide several samples of Lou's Famous skinless chicken sausages. The Lou's Famous line features fully cooked, hand crafted sausages in a variety of artisan flavors. Using only antibiotic free chicken, Lou's Famous stuffs their sausage with everything from sweet apples to aged provolone cheese.

Lou's Famous skinless chicken sausages are vacuum sealed in 11 oz packages. Each package contains four fully cooked sausages. These sausages are ready to eat. Just heat and serve. Here is a brief break down of each flavor that I sampled.

Apple Chicken Sausage: These sausages are savory and slightly sweet. The apple sweetness is perfectly blended with the well seasoned chicken. The sausages are tender and greaseless. They can be grilled and eaten on their own or sliced and cooked into casseroles and other dishes. I like these because they don't go overboard with the sweetness. They're still very much a savory meat product.

Mild Italian Chicken Sausage: This mild chicken sausage is slightly salty and packed with pepper and onions. The savory flavors are appealing and versatile. They can be grilled and eaten on a bun or sliced and included in pasta dishes. They would also be good on pizza.

Aged Provolone Chicken Sausage: This sausage is savory and juicy. It's loaded with pockets of provolone cheese. The cheese provides a creamy, salty accent that is great with the Italian spiced chicken. These too can be grilled or included in Italian dishes.

Buffalo Style w/ Blue Cheese: This was my favorite of all the flavors. The sausage was tangy and savory. The buffalo spice was moderate, but noticeable. Each link is also loaded with creamy blue cheese. These sausages really do provide a similar flavor to actual mild Buffalo wings.

Spicy Italian Chicken Sausage: These have all the elements of a classic Italian sausage. I didn't actually find them to be very spicy. Like the mild Italian version, these too were quite salty. They work well on pizzas or in casseroles.

To learn more about Lou's Famous chicken sausages, check out their website. See how flavor rates on our "Product Reviews" page.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Just recently we discovered Lou's Famous Chicken Sausage due to a newly opened Whole Foods near us. I have to say this is the best chicken sausage we have ever had. And that is saying a lot. My husband and I eat out once a week but since we found Lou's sausage I would rather eat at home! The seasonings are delicious, size is great and I consider the price to be reasonable. We eat a lot of organic food and consider this to fit right in with that way of eating.

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