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The origins of Taco Chic can be traced back nearly 100 years to the Mexican revolution. Emeterio Ortiz fled the country with his family and settled in the United States. When the Ortiz family came to America, they brought their Mexican heritage with them, including the family salsa recipe.

Taco Chic Salsa is now produced in Idaho under the direction of Emeterio's granddaughter, Juanita. The Taco Chic, Juanita, is committed to producing the highest quality product in honor of her family. Taco Chic packages their salsa in 16 oz glass jars and offers three varieties: mild, medium and hot.

Juanita was kind enough to send a few jars for review. All of Taco Chic's salsas are all natural jalapeno and tomato based products. The main ingredients are accented by onion, garlic, cilantro, vinegar and additional spices. The recipe is very simple and traditional. The ingredients yield fresh, familiar flavors.

I've used Taco Chic salsas on tacos and nachos. Chips and salsa are a favorite snack in our house so I've been able to put all three heat levels to the test. One thing I appreciate about Taco Chic's products is that their heat content is appropriately labeled. I felt like each product had exactly the right amount of spice for its corresponding category. While reviewing salsas, I've found several with misleading labels.

I found the flavor of Taco Chic's salsa to be very similar to the leading national brands. However, Taco Chic's all natural ingredients give them a leg up. You won't find any artificial flavors or preservatives in any of Taco Chic's products.

Taco Chic Salsas can be purchased at several gourmet retailers in the Northwest United States. You can also purchase jars online. Click here to order some for yourself. See how Taco Chic salsa rates on our "Product Reviews" page.

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    ive also tried their salsa and love it!!

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