Pork Barrel BBQ All American Spice Rub

In my review of their BBQ Peanuts, I detailed the origin story of Pork Barrel BBQ. It stands as one of the coolest and most unique stories I've found while running The "Q" Review. Though the guys from Pork Barrel got an unexpected lift from national television, their quality products are at the heart of their success.

After enjoying their BBQ Peanuts, I was looking forward to sampling Pork Barrel BBQ's other products. The first product I had a chance to try was the All American Spice Rub. This rub is an all natural, savory blend with a variety of coarse and fine ground spices.

All American BBQ Rub is unique in that it doesn't contain sugar as a base ingredient. I typically prefer the sweet sugar rubs, but Pork Barrel has me rethinking my position. The flavor and aroma of Pork Barrel's rub is very earthy and smokey. The smoked paprika and ancho chiles give the rub an added dimension that most don't have. It's one of the most aromatic rubs I've used. It filled the house with a delicious, comforting smell as I slow roasted a pork loin.

For grilled and slow roasted meats and veggies, All American BBQ Rub is one of the best spice blends I've had the pleasure of using. It's versatile enough to use on red meats as well as poultry and seafood. My top recommendation would be for grilled chicken or seafood. It's a top shelf option for beer can chicken as well. I can't really think of a food situation that wouldn't benefit from a shot or two of All American BBQ Rub.

To learn more about Pork Barrel BBQ and all their product, click here to see their website. See how All American BBQ Rub rates on our "Product Reviews" page.

2 Response to "Pork Barrel BBQ All American Spice Rub"

  1. Interesting! I wanna to buy this BBQ product.

    Robert G. says:

    This rub / seasoning is the best. I like that there is no sugar. I use it on fish, beef, chicken , lamb, pork, and salads.

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