Mangrate Grill Enhancement System

A major part of the art of grilling is the final presentation. Any experienced cook or chef will tell you, "You eat with your eyes first." Often, presentation is the only thing separating a backyard  cook from a seasoned professional.

The Mangrate Grill Enhancement System was designed to provide backyard cooks the tools they need to grill steaks, chops and chicken just like the pros. Mangrates are heavy duty, cast iron grates that sit directly on your grill's existing grates. Each grate measures 15" x 4 1/4" x 1 3/8" and weighs approximately 8 lbs (though they feel more like 20).

According to, Mangrates use radiant heat to both sear the exterior of meats and provide an even cook. Mangrates also feature an angled design and built in ledges to trap grease as it falls from the meat. This not only reduces flair ups, but also provides additional flavor as the simmering oils essentially impart smoke flavor into the meat as they burn.

After one look at the Mangrates, I had very little doubt about their quality. As I said before, they're incredibly stout and durable. Each grate is made in the USA and features a limited lifetime warranty. My only question about Mangrates was whether or not they were really necessary. I'm pretty satisfied with the grates on my gas grill. Would using Mangrates really make a difference?

This was the question I set out to answer this weekend. Mangrates are solid cast iron and therefore need to be seasoned before using. I followed the online instructions for seasoning my grates. I sprayed the cooking surface thoroughly with cooking spray and set my grill to high heat.

After 15 minutes, the grates were screaming hot. I dropped a pair of strip steaks and some green onions on the grill and they immediately started to sizzle. The grates definitely did a good job of preventing flair ups. The radiant heat seared the exterior of the steaks quickly. I was anxious to flip them to see what kind of marks I was getting.
After the flip, I got a good look at the grill marks. The grates worked as advertised. Both steaks had nice cross hatched marks. Unfortunately, the pictures don't quite do the steaks justice. I apologize for the low quality images. The battery died on my camera and I was forced to use a low quality backup.

For clean up, The Mangrate Grill Enhancement System includes a wood handled wire brush. Some of the food remnants were difficult to reach, but the brush did a pretty good job of removing the charred bits. The grates will remain hot long after you've finished cooking. Be careful when handling them.

The Mangrate Grill Enhancement System definitely passed the test at my house. They are as well made as any grilling gadget you'll find. The initial price tag is a bit hefty, but it's hard to imagine ever needing to replace them. With proper use and care, they'll last a lifetime. Like all quality cast iron cookware, they'll just get better with age. 

If you're not satisfied with your current grill grates, give Mangrate a look. They are also a great option for using on public grills while camping or cooking at a park. Check out their website to learn more.

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  1. I've been trying to decide between the Mangrate and the GrillGrate. Would definitely love to try out either one of them.

    I like that the ManGrates are American-made cast iron. Once they are seasoned, they are nonstick. Last forever and you simply clean with the wire brush.

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    Anonymous says:

    Haha I love you guys. Half your speil was to make them atleast look good. But you couldnt even get the camera right for a few shots lol God Bless you, God Bless Norm and God Bless America

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