Casa Fiesta Peppadew Salsa

Casa Fiesta Mexican inspired products are produced domestically in El Paso, TX by Bruce Foods. I've been really impressed with the Bruce Foods lineup thus far, but Casa Fiesta's Peppadew Salsa may be the best yet. Using peppadew piquante peppers, this salsa provides an unexpected sweetness you won't find in other salsas.

Peppadew Salsa has the same consistency of most mass produced chunky salsas. The color is bright red and contains visible chunks of onions and peppers. The aroma is also pretty common. The sweetness is almost undetectable in the smell.

Because of the familiar look and smell of Casa Fiesta's Peppadew Salsa, I was not prepared for its unique flavor. The peppadew piquante is unlike most peppers used for salsa. While their is a slight spice, it would most definitely be characterized as a sweet pepper. The sweetness from the peppadews (and a little added brown sugar) make the initial flavors of this salsa pleasantly surprising. The fresh sweetness is followed by the familiar flavors of onion, vinegar and jalapeno.

This salsa is great on everything from scrambled eggs to burritos. It's a nice change of pace from typical jalapeno salsas. The salsa is pretty mild, making it an excellent choice for feeding company. The unique flavor is bound to get your guest's attention.

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2 Response to "Casa Fiesta Peppadew Salsa"

  1. Beth says:

    Mmmm... I'll have to try that!

    Anonymous says:

    Any idea if this is still made, and if so by whom? Can't find it anymore, and I really miss it...

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