Alisha's Shake Your Steak

Shake Your Steak is the fifth and final product from Alisha's Kitchen to be featured on The "Q" Review. The other products have all received pretty high marks so I was excited about using Shake Your Steak this weekend. I wasn't about to let the cold, damp January air keep me from firing up the grill....especially when I had two beautiful NY strips ready and waiting.

Like Alisha's other dry spices, Shake Your Steak is packaged in 3 oz. plastic shakers. The red label is loaded with info including the ingredients and directions for use. The seasoning itself is a fairly coarse blend, bu the shaker holes are large enough to accommodate even the biggest flakes.

Shake Your Steak starts with the classic combination of black pepper, onion, garlic and salt. You can count on these ingredients being the base for most good steak seasonings. Unique additions like mustard seed and dill seed make Alisha's blend stand out from the crowd. These ingredients also make the seasoning incredibly aromatic. I picked up the mustard and dill scent right away.

Perhaps my favorite thing about Alisha's Shake Your Steak is the fact that it's not overly salty. Salt is a crucial ingredient steak seasoning. Finding the right balance of salt vs. spice is the key. Some rubs go overboard by making the salt flavor so dominant that the other ingredients become inconsequential. Alisha allows the salt to compliment the black pepper and other spices without overpowering them.

I used Shake Your Steak pretty liberally on my grilled steaks and was awfully glad that I did. The spices seared nicely on the steak's exterior. The flavors penetrated the meat just enough that they were detectable in each beefy bite. I hate to say it, but Alisha saved my steak dinner. The steaks turned out to be a little tough, but at least they tasted great (Thanks to Shake Your Steak).

For more info about Shake Your Steak, check out Alisha's Kitchen online. See how Shake Your Steak rates on our "Product Reviews" page.

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