Texas Butter Tex 'Chup

Texas Butter (Pasadena, TX) is a small, family owned company that makes some of the best jalapleno hot sauces on the planet. Their Mango and Chipotle sauces are among the best I've ever tasted. The company's committment to quality is evident in their entire product line. Their ketchup substitute, Tex 'Chup, is no exception.
Tex Chup is a thick blend of vine ripe tomatoes and jalapeno peppers. The sauce balances the sweet and salty flavors of ketchup with spicy jalapenos. The sauce is red and slightly chunky. The texture falls somewhere between ketchup and salsa. The spice level is just enough to provide that extra dimension of flavor without overwhelming the sauce.

Texas Butter Tex Chup can be used on a wide variety of savory dishes. The sauce is a great enhancement for eggs and potatoes. I love my hashbrowns with ketchup and jalapenos. Tex'Chup gives me both in one condiment.

My favorite use for the sauce is on grilled burgers. Sometimes, burgers call for a little more than standard ketchup. Tex 'Chup adds the necessary sweetness to balance the salty, savory beef. The additional element of spice is an added bonus.

Tex 'Chup is great on anything that regular ketchup can be used for. If you're looking to spice up your burgers, eggs or potatoes, give it a try. See the whole line of Texas Butter products on their website.

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