Uncle Kenny's Rib Rub

Some people were just Born to BBQ. Kenny Nadeau and Mike Smith, founders of Uncle Kenny's BBQ, have a lot of irons in the fire. In addition to running multiple restaurants, catering large parties, and marketing their products, they are also an award winning competition team.

Though I haven't had the opportunity to visit their restaurants, I'm fortunate enough to have enjoyed all three of their signature BBQ sauces. In addition to their Original, Spicy and Mustard sauces, Uncle Kenny's also offers a couple different spice rubs.

Uncle Kenny's Award Winning Rib Rub is a sweet and salty blend formulated specifically for pork ribs. The rub starts with seasoned salt and adds brown sugar, garlic, onion powder and a variety of dried herbs and spices. The spices are finely ground, but there is a fair amount of coarse herb flakes as well.

The rub is very aromatic. The sweet and salty elements are overwhelmed by the fragrant herbs and spices. The flavor is equal parts sweet and savory. The salt content is pretty high, but the other ingredients keep the salt from dominating the flavor.

I used Uncle Kenny's Rib Rub multiple times on both ribs and chicken. Each time I used the rub liberally to flavor the entire exterior of the meat and poultry. The spice blend was an excellent compliment to both meats. Though I was concerned about the salt content, it turned out to be fine.
The savory, salty rub also pairs well with thick, sweet BBQ sauces.

To learn more about Uncle Kenny's, take a look at their website.

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