Texas Butter Mango Jalapeno Hot Sauce

Texas Butter hot sauce company (Pasadena, TX) is a small, family oriented business producing unique, hybrid sauces. Unlike typical red pepper sauces, Texas Butter uses fresh picked jalapenos and a blend of onions, garlic, vinegar and spices to yield their long held family recipe. The company offers four signature sauces: Original, Smoked, Mango and Gringo Furioso.

The first Texas Butter product that I had a chance to sample was their Mango Jalapeno Hot Sauce. The recipe for this sauce calls for the addition of sweet mangoes to their Original recipe. Texas Butter is packaged in 8 oz clear plastic flasks. The sauce is bright green in the bottle. It's much thicker than most hot sauces and pours pretty slowly.

The thickness of Texas Butter sauces make them extra versatile. They can be used like salsa as a dip or topping for tortilla chips. They also work as marinades for meat, poultry and seafood. Additionally, you can add a dash to any savory dish in need of a spicy boost.

I used Texas Butter Mango Jalapeno Hot Sauce on multiple occasions. Each time, I paired the sauce with Mexican inspired chicken dishes. The sauce provided an incredible boost of freshness and flavor to my chicken tacos and quesadillas. I always enjoy a good jalapeno sauce, but Texas Butter was really exceptional. The added element of sweetness from the mango was an excellent compliment to the chicken. The heat level was also right on point.

Having used the sauce numerous times with chicken, I'm convinced that it would also be crazy good on seafood. Whether as a marinade or grilling sauce, Texas Butter can add a bit of freshness and Baja spice to all kinds of dishes. I can't wait to add some Texas Butter love to grilled shrimp.

If you're the type of person that adds jalapeno slices or a dash of hotsauce to just about everything, you owe it to yourself to pick up a bottle of Texas Butter Hot Sauce. You'll be amazed at the concentrated flavor burst coming out of each bottle. You can order your own directly from their website. See how their Mango Jalapeno Hot Sauce rates on our "Product Reviews" page.

2 Response to "Texas Butter Mango Jalapeno Hot Sauce"

  1. Kelly says:

    This is a weird type of chili sauce. But I am willing to try it.

    Derek says:

    Kelly - It's definitely unique. The flavor is really fantastic.

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