Yashi Gourmet Wing Sauce

Yashi Gourmet Wing Sauce is produced in Mesa, AZ. Creator, Kay Weldon, developed her signature sauce during her years as a restaurateur. Kay owned and operated The Tempura House in Albuquerque, NM from 1990 to 2000. Family friends and patrons of The Tempura House praised Kay's sauce for years and encouraged her to bottle it. Kay finally took the leap and began bottling and selling her wing sauce in 2008.

Yashi Gourmet Wing Sauce is packaged in 12 oz glass bottles. The bottles feature a distinct, Asian inspired label. The sauce is very dark, almost black in the bottle. It's quite thick and pours very slowly.

The recipe for Kay's all natural wing sauce is quite simple. Yashi blends familiar Asian ingredients like soy, chili and garlic to create a sauce that is very well balanced. While it shares some flavor characteristics with Teriyaki, Yashi Gourmet Wing Sauce has an additional savory element.

I used Yashi Gourmet Wing Sauce on smoked chicken wings. Out of the bottle, the sauce is incredibly thick. I tried to toss the wings in the sauce (along with other sauces), but its thickness made it difficult to coat the wings. However, heating the sauce slightly thinned it just enough for tossing the wings.

It's easy to see why Yashi Gourmet Wing Sauce was such a hit at The Tempura House. The sweet and salty sauce is an excellent compliment to crispy chicken wings. It couldn't be more different than American Buffalo wing sauces. However, it's equally tasty. Using Yashi Gourmet Wing Sauce can add Asian flare to nearly any dish. In addition to wings, the sauce works well as a grilling glaze for chicken and pork or a dip for meatballs.

If you enjoy the sweet and savory blends of Asian cuisine, Yashi Gourmet Wing Sauce is worth checking out. You can purchase your own directly from their website. Don't forget to see how the sauce rates on our "Product Reviews" page.

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