Bill's Best Spicy Organic BBQ Sauce

There is a LOT to like about Bill's Best BBQ Sauces. First, there is the Fehon family's dedication to sharing the proceeds from their sauce sales with the Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration. Second, Bill's Best has the rare distinction of being certified organic. Finally, they simply make tasty sauces.

I reviewed Bill's Best Original BBQ Sauce several months ago. The thick, Kansas City style sauce received a solid score and is the only organic BBQ sauce to be featured on The "Q" Review....until now. Recently, Jason Fehon informed me that their long awaited "Spicy" sauce was in production and available for purchase. He was also kind enough to send a couple of samples for review and sponsor our second Bill's Best BBQ giveaway.

Before my samples arrived, I scoped out a sneak peak of the new Spicy labels. It was obvious that the Fehon family had hit another home run with their packaging. The new labels remained true to the original Bill's Best theme with classic earthy colors and vintage family photos. Using an embellished flaming text swapping out the main image, Spicy still manages to stand out from it's original counterpart.

Like the original recipe, Bill's Best Spicy is thick tomato base that fits squarely in the Kansas City style classification. The sauce is moderately sweet thanks to organic sugar and molasses. It also features a noticeable vinegar tang and natural smoke flavor. The overall flavor is very familiar for those used to classic Midwestern sauces, but Bill's Best strikes a much better balance than most.

I'm glad that the Fehons decided on "Spicy" rather than "Hot" when naming their sauce. Out of the bottle, the sauce has a strong spicy bite, but it's not overwhelming. Thanks to organic cayenne and habanero peppers, Bill's Best Spicy has the heat that quickly grabs your throat, but lets go shortly after without any lingering effects.

I used the sauce as a finishing glaze for grilled and smoked chicken. The flavor is really elevated when the sauce is heated. It becomes rich and deep while the spice factor mellows a great deal. The thick sauce worked really well as a finishing glaze. Not only did it enhance the flavor of the chicken, it gave the meat great color and a beautiful gloss.

Bill's Best Spicy Organic BBQ Sauce it a top notch sauce that balances taste and heat. The organic factor makes Bill's Best even more appealing. To learn more about Bill's Best Sauces, check out their website and read their story. You can also purchase the sauce online. Don't forget to see Bill's Best Spicy's rating on our "Product Reviews" page.

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