Glenn's Gourmet Goodies Wasabi

Glenn of Glenn's Gourmet Goodies sent me a trio of his white BBQ sauces. Glenn's sauces are unique to BBQ world in that they start with an oil and vinegar base. This inventive combination of ingredients yields a one of kind flavor and color. I reviewed the Glenn's Chipotle flavor a few weeks ago and have now moved on to Wasabi.

Like the Chipotle sauce, Wasabi is packaged in half liter (16.9 oz)  plastic bottles. GGG Foods' Wasabi sauce is medium / thick and opaque white with large flakes of black pepper. The sauce pours quick and smooth.

Wasabi sauce adds natural wasabi powder to the sauce's simple base ingredients. Glenn recommends his Wasabi sauce for everything from grilled fish to roast beef sandwiches. The sauce's flavor has a great deal of versatility. Wasabi naturally compliments seafood and vegetables. Since the flavor is so similar to horseradish, it also goes great with beef.

I've used Glenn's Wasabi sauce as a glaze for grilled and baked salmon as well as a condiment for burgers. I really love the added spice that the wasabi gives to burgers. When used as a mayo substitute, the sauce really takes burgers to a whole new level.

As good as the sauce was on burgers, I felt it truly excelled on the salmon. I've tried dozens of sauces and flavor combinations on salmon, but none of them has been as good as Glenn's Gourmet Goodies Wasabi sauce. Whether grilled or baked, the wasabi sauce has made salmon a weekly staple in our diet.

Glenn's Wasabi sauce has become a favorite in my home. My wife can't get enough of it. We use it on everything. It's the type of sauce that's become a must for our pantry. Check out Glenn's Gourmet Goodies online and see how the Wasabi sauce rates on our "Product Reviews" page.

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  1. Unknown says:

    Congratulations to GGG Foods. Awesome!!!

    Anonymous says:

    Gleen I met you at the Nashville music fest this past weekend 6/8/13. Me and my wife went through the line for a sample testing and feel in love with it right away.We bought 3 bottles then had my in laws go through they bought them all. Needless to say we our fans now.

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