Urban Accents Red Pepper and Garlic Beef & Burger Rub

After using and reviewing Urban Accents' "Perfect Pork Rub" last week, I was anxious to put their Beef and Burger rub to the test. I was impressed with Urban Accents' upscale approach to BBQ rubs and was curious to see how their style would be expressed through their beef rub.

Snazzy Gourmet provided The "Q" Review with a 1.5 oz. pouch of Red Pepper and Garlic Beef & Burger Rub. Like the pork rub, Beef & Burger was an aromatic blend of coarse and finely ground herbs and spices. It too, features Urban Accents' contemporary and appealing packaging. The rub is clearly visible through the pouch.

This rub was very different (and far more complex) than any other beef rub that I've used. While typical beef rubs focus mainly on a salt, pepper and garlic blend, "Beef and Burger" steps out of the box with ingredients like dill seed and mushroom powder. The blend is also sugar free. The result is a very earthy (and herby) profile that seems a little too gourmet for the BBQ world I'm used to.

I used Urban Accents' Red Pepper and Garlic Beef & Burger Rub on a smoked pot roast. The flavor of the rub was still front and center despite a long, 10 hour cook time. The aroma of the spice rub also stood out. Even though smoked beef smells great on its own, "Beef & Burger" provided a mouth water boost. The roast smelled as good as anything I've ever pulled off the smoker. I sliced the beef and served without sauce. The rub was so flavorful that I didn't want to mask it with sauce.

The remainder of the sample pouch went on four thick burgers. The weather outside was frightful this week so I had to cook the burgers indoors in my new giant frying pan. Once again, the aroma of "Beef & Burger" stood out. It seemed to fill every room in the house. Though the herby (not sure "herby" is a word, but it's the best I can come up with to describe the flavor) flavor was still prominent, I'm not sure I liked the way it meshed with the fried burgers. When it comes to a burger, I more of a salt and pepper guy.

"Beef & Burger" is far more complex and aromatic than what I typically season beef with. Though I tend to favor a more simple seasoning for burgers, I would strongly recommend "Beef & Burger" for roasts. It would be a fantastic choice on a beef (or pork) roast for Sunday dinners or Holiday affairs.

Note: Samples of this product were provided by Snazzy Gourmet. Check out www.snazzygourmet.com to purchased "Beef & Burger" or any of their other fantastic gourmet sauces, marinades, rubs and snacks.

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