Urban Accents Cayman Citrus Dryglaze

Chicago based Urban Accents produces a wide range of gourmet spice blends. Aimed at today's wave of home cooks, Urban Accents's blends feature modern takes on everything from BBQ rubs to seasoned salts. I previously reviewed their Red Pepper and Garlic Beef and Burger Rub as well as their Perfect Pork Cedar Spice Roasting Rub.

In addition to the Urban Accents pork and beef rubs, Snazzy Gourmet (www.snazzygourmet.com) also sent their Cayman Citrus Heat DryGlaze. Though I wasn't familiar with the term "DryGlaze," I was looking forward to using the sweet and spicy blend. Carribean inspired flavors are among my favorites.

Cayman Citrus Heat is packaged in 2 oz. pouches. The spice blend if finely ground. The spices are primarily red in color thanks to the presence of a variety of chilies.

I used Cayman Citrus Heat on both grilled chicken and turkey. Each time I used the rub, I applied it thoroughly and allowed the meat to rest overnight. The sweet heat was perfect on the mild white meat poultry. The rub has a substantial amount of sugar which caramelized nicely on the grill. With red pepper, chili pepper and jalapeno pepper in the ingredient list, I expected plenty of spice. I definitely wasn't disappointed. Cayman Citrus heat has a sneaky heat that slowly builds in the back of your mouth bite after bite.

The combination of sweet and spicy works so well in this spice blend. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of this Dry Glaze is the way the flavors managed to penetrate to the interior of the meat. While most rubs only season the exterior, this spice blend worked almost like a marinade flavoring the poultry throughout.

With yet another top shelf product, Urban Accents has made me a believer. Upscale and vibrant, their spice rubs are as tasty as they are unique. Their a welcome alternative to the familiar blends that I typically use.

Note: Samples of this product were provided by Snazzy Gourmet. Check out www.snazzygourmet.com to purchase Urban Accents products or any of their other sauces, marinades, rubs and snacks.

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