Free Wild n Mild Sauce and Rub Giveaway

The "Q" Review is proud to bring you another great giveaway. This time Wild n Mild is offering up sauce and rub bundles to 12 lucky winners. Entering couldn't be easier. Don't miss out on this opportunity to grab some free BBQ products!

How To Enter: You may enter via either of the two methods below.

1. "Like" Wild n Mild's Facebook Page AND post a comment mentioning The "Q" Review so I can identify you.

2. Post a comment on this blog containing the word "Wild". (Be sure to include your name so I can identify you if you win)

It's that easy. Contest ends Tuesday, August 19th @ 7:00 pm. Winners will be posted on The "Q" Review later that evening. If you're picked, you have until Friday, August 22nd @ 5:00 to claim your prizes.

9 Response to "Free Wild n Mild Sauce and Rub Giveaway"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Would love to try some Wild Sauce! Jeremy G

    Anonymous says:

    Love it Wild! Melissa Jackson

    Unknown says:

    How Wild can it be? Sounds pretty Mild. R Payne

    Good Golly Ms. Molly - I'm totally up for this! I hopes I win!!!

    Anonymous says:

    The Q Review must be wild to be doing this!

    -Wild Intern...

    Anonymous says:

    According to the tag line, it has flavor that bites back! I gotta have some!!!!!!!!!!

    Anonymous says:

    This is wild - Dustin Hall

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    Angel17 says:

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