Granna's Gourmet Jalapeno Pepper Vinegar

Granna's Gourmet (Charleston, SC) started with a single product, bread and butter pickles. Granna's pickles were so beloved among her family and friends that they urged her to package and sell them to the public. In May 2010, Granna's Gourmet was officially launched, targeting local foodies and tourists around the low country. Granna's Gourmet has since expanded to eleven signature products. Their product line can be purchased locally at several retail outlets. They're also available online at

Though I love a good pickle, the Granna's Gourmet product that I recently sampled was their Jalapeno Pepper Vinegar. This simple condiment is a product that is near and dear to my heart. After spending seven years in North Carolina, I grew to love this type of  "table sauce." Pepper, vinegar mixtures can be found on tables in nearly every diner and BBQ joint in the Carolinas. Folks there put it on just about everything from BBQ to french fries.

Granna's Jalapeno Pepper Vinegar is packaged in slender five ounce bottles with a plastic stopper in the mouth that prevents the sauce from pouring quickly. The ingredients are as simple as it gets: vinegar and jalapeno peppers. Granna uses white vinegar making the sauce crystal clear. The jalapenos are cut length wise and float freely in the bottle.

Despite the hefty amount of fiery chilies, Granna's Gourmet Jalapeno Pepper Vinegar isn't really a "hot sauce". Sure, there is a degree of spice, but the sauce is simply intended as a tangy flavor enhancer. It won't scorch your throat or make sweat beads form on your forehead. Use enough of it and your lips will tingle, but that's about the extent of the heat. The infused vinegar takes on the flavor of the jalapenos, but only a portion of their heat.

Since opening the bottle, I've used the sauce on just about everything. I've doused eggs, potatoes, pulled pork, pizza, tacos and even salads with a splash of the vinegar. I view these types of sauces as the univeral condiment. That being said, their is one particular use that has become my favorite. I ALWAYS add several dashes of pepper infused vinegar to greens. When cooking collard, chard, or mustard greens, vinegar is the perfect balance to the greens' naturally bitter flavor. The added spice from the peppers doesn't hurt either.

Sauces like Granna's Gourmet Jalapeno Pepper Vinegar are as tasty as they are simple. They're also pure Carolina (North or South). No self respecting Carolina diner would go without them. Nor would I.

You can learn more about Granna and her gourmet products here. Be sure to check out "Product Reviews" page to see the star rating for Granna's Gourmet Jalapeno Pepper Vinegar.

Note: Samples of this product were provided by Snazzy Gourmet. Check out to purchase Urban Accents products or any of their other sauces, marinades, rubs and snacks.

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