Grumpy's Private Reserve Goodnight Loving

For those of you who can remember that far back (it's been quite some time since my last review), I previously reviewed Grumpy's Private Reserve Bold XX. Not only was the sauce one of the best reviewed products of the year, it immediately became one of my all time favorite BBQ sauces. After enjoying Grumpy's first sauce so much, I was really looking forward to reviewing their other flavors.

Grumpy's Goodnight Loving is labeled as a "Texas Style" BBQ Sauce. Packaged in 16 oz. bottles with their signature label and logo. The burnt orange sauce is much thinner than Grumpy's Bold XX (Kansas City style). From the large mouth of the glass bottle, the sauce pours freely.

True to Texas fashion, Goodnight Loving is a tomato, vinegar blend. Though it contains sugar, it's not nearly as sweet as Midwestern varieties. The sauce accents its base ingredients with liquid smoke, earthy spices and red pepper sauce. It's not super hot, but there is a noticeable peppery finish. The resulting flavor is very similar to other "Texas Style" sauces that I've reviewed.

I used the sauce on multiple occasions for both chicken and pork. The thin, tangy sauce worked well as a dip for both meats. It was especially good on the chicken. The peppery bite was a welcome addition to the mild white meat. Though the texture was perfect for pouring over pulled pork, I wasn't crazy about the way the flavors blended. I didn't get a chance to brush the sauce on grilled meats, but I think the texture would be adequate for that use. It's thin, but not too thin to give the meat a good glaze.

For those who appreciate a tangy, peppery finish, Goodnight Loving is a fine choice. Though it's not quite as sweet as what I typically look for, it's still a quality sauce. Check out all of Grumpy's sauces on their website . Don't forget to see the star rating for Goodnight Loving on our "Product Reviews" page.

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